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The EWS1 Form. A Note of Caution

12 Nov 2021

This issue is fraught with worry for many. Lenders and potential buyers of high-rise blocks and developments are increasingly anxious to have sight of an EWS1 Form but their concerns go further than the mere production of the form.

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Employment FAQ: Zero Hours Contracts

19 Jul 2021

‘Zero hour contracts’ are loosely understood as being a type of contract between a business and a casual worker where the worker is engaged by the business but with no guarantee of work from the business. Confusion can and does arise as to what the status is of individuals who provide work or services to businesses under such contracts and what their obligations are.

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Compulsory Mediation for Litigators?

08 Apr 2021

The Civil Procedure Rules encourage would-be litigators and parties to litigation to consider alternative dispute resolution whether in pre-action conduct before litigation commences or at various points during the litigation process and the Courts can impose costs and other sanctions on parties who unreasonably refuse to do so.

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